Flamingo Flower

A trip to the Lincoln Park Conservatory led to a bit of research to find the identity of this colorful, flowering plant.  Found it interesting to discover that among the common names of anthurium includes flamingo flower.  What an appropriate name!

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Flamingo Flower at Lincoln Park Conservatory

Discover Challenge – Identity 

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  1. Dehan Taylor April 12, 2016

    Beautiful…I love it!

    • Irene Tron April 14, 2016

      Thanks, Dehan. Beauty created by God. 🙂


  2. Maggie April 12, 2016

    Beautiful, Great Macro photography. I have seen a similar flower in red…at the Botanical Gardens in Mexico

    • Irene Tron April 14, 2016

      Thanks, Maggie. Yes, I have seen them with white and red blossoms as well. This was the first time to see this lovely color.

      Have a lovely afternoon,
      Irene 🙂

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