It’s Julia Child

It’s Julia Child!  Well, not the actual person but the butter rose chosen by Julia Child to bear her name.

Taltree Arboretum and Gardens

Taltree Arboretum and Gardens

Discover Challenge – The Things We Leave Behind

Flower of the Day 7.23.16

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  1. Cee Neuner July 27, 2016

    Just a nice hint of yellow. Beautiful. 😀

    • Irene Tron July 27, 2016

      My other hobby that I love is baking and I love using butter. This rose is definitely the color of butter. Probably the reason I love it. 🙂

  2. Cee Neuner July 23, 2016

    Beautiful rose.

    • Irene Tron July 23, 2016

      I agree, Cee. I’d love to have these in my garden. 🙂

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