The Lonely Insect

Solitude – a lonely insect on a bright daffodil

Ogden Gardens

Ogden Gardens

Daily Prompt – Solitude

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  1. MimiTa May 3, 2016

    This is such a powerful and artistic photo and caption. The contrast between the darkness of the insect and the brightness of the daffodil really struck me, and it helps me to understand my feelings of solitude more.

    • Irene Tron May 3, 2016

      Hello there and thanks for stopping by. I enjoy my solitude as well.

      Have a great week,
      Irene 🙂

  2. cwaugh212 April 29, 2016

    Nature in her glory! Beautiful.

    • Irene Tron April 29, 2016

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Charles.

      Have a great day,
      Irene 🙂

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