The Vee Tree

As I hike the trails from day to day, paths become familiar as do the trees along the way. Here is one I named the “Vee” tree which is just a tad different from the rest but not any less striking.

Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

Photo Challenge -Rare

 ©2016 Irene Tron


  1. Abrie Joubert August 26, 2016

    🙂 I wonder what theme today’s photo challenge will bring us!

    • Irene Tron August 26, 2016

      Hi Abrie! 🙂 You must be a morning person too. I have been wondering that same thing.

  2. Beauty Along the Road August 22, 2016

    I, too, have a special relationship with certain trees. They are full of character and specific energies.

    • Irene Tron August 22, 2016

      Exactly! Thanks for thanking the time to comment. 😊

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  4. uma197 August 21, 2016

    I thought I was the only odd one who had a fascination for trees. You have even named one.

    • Irene Tron August 21, 2016

      Haha! So glad to know I am not alone. You just made my day, Uma. 😉

  5. Abrie Joubert August 21, 2016

    Heaveen’s sunshine!
    This is quite a big catapult (the primary school version of myself is peering over my shoulder).

    • Irene Tron August 21, 2016

      Hello, Abrie. Thanks for such a playful description of another possibility for this tree. Your comment made me happy. 😊

      Have a fun day.

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